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Set Up and Manage Email Accounts

Setting up a business email account may seem straightforward, but it can pose challenges, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. These challenges include choosing an email hosting provider, potentially registering a domain name, creating email accounts (assigning usernames, passwords, and required aliases or forwarding addresses), and configuring devices with SMPTP, IMAP, or POP settings. Understanding these elements and implementing a consistent and secure professional email infrastructure can consume a significant amount of time and lead to errors and frustration.

We specialize in assisting businesses with the setup of their email accounts to ensure reliable retrieval and sending of emails.

Set Up Email Client

Setting up your Google/GMail account to work with a local mail client can be surprisingly complicated and time-consuming. While you probably use your email account(s) mostly via Web interface or app, it may still be desirable (or even required) in a business setting to rely on a local mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Sending and receiving your e-mail from such a program frequently turns out to be more difficult than one would expect,given the many security hurdles in effect everywhere.

We can help you set up your email client to retrieve and send your emails via most major email providers and for most email clients.


Create custom spreadsheets

We know from experience that small business owners often face challenges when working (well) with Excel. Areas where assistance is often needed is with setting up correctly structured worksheets and implementing data validation, and with formulas and functions for calculations and for automating tasks. But the most problems are with the analysis and reporting of data, utilizing features like pivot tables and charts.

Why struggle for hours with your modeling, budgeting, and visualization task? We will be glad to offer assistance so that you can concentrate on the results rather the process.

Clean up, optimize and automate Excel spreadsheets

Many spreadsheets can benefit from optimizing by "cleaning" and proper formatting (such as identifying and removing duplicate data, clean up inconsistent formatting, and ensure data accuracy and consistency throughout the spreadsheet). This also includes formula optimization and validation.

Many users also struggle with creating and utilizing proper pivot tables. Build dynamic pivot tables to summarize and analyze large sets of data is, however, the key to extracting meaningful insights and generating useful reports.

We can help you out withe these and other spreadsheet-related tasks. Making your life easier as you make your business more profitable is our main task.

Tech Development

Project management (e.g., for app development)

Are you looking to bring your ideas or specific needs for IT projects or app development to life within your small business? Small businesses have a wide range of app ideas to aid their operations and offer added benefits to customers. They can develop a customer loyalty app (digital loyalty cards, exclusive discounts) and an inventory management app (real-time visibility, automated reordering) to streamline operations. Additionally, a field service management app (scheduling, dispatching, job details) or an appointment booking app (easy scheduling, automated reminders) can enhance customer service. To benefit customers further, some businesses create a personalized recommendation app (tailored product/service recommendations), a virtual consultation app (remote appointments, convenience), or an interactive training and education app (engaging learning experiences). A real-time customer support app (instant messaging, live chat) or a social engagement and community building app (brand community, exclusive content) can foster customer satisfaction and engagement.

Managing such projects can be a full-time job in itself and will definitely take up a large chunk of your time and energy. We can manage all the technical aspects for you and ensure that your project not only gets done, but also will work as expected and do what you want it to do. We work with either the team you designate, or find an outside expert team to handle the job.

Quality assurance / software testing

Quality assurance is central to any business and especially to IT projects as it ensures that the final product is reliable, performs well, meets user expectations, complies with standards, and reduces the risk of errors and failures. It plays a vital role in delivering high-quality software solutions that drive user satisfaction, business success, and long-term viability.

We can offer QA services to help you with an independent outsider's view. This not only saves internal resources, but also provides you with an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your system. This saves a great deal of aggravation and time in the long run.

Software and Scripting

Custom Scripting - eliminate repetitive tasks

If you perform certain iterative tasks on a regular basis, chances are, you could save a great deal of time while simultaneously error-proofing your procedure with the help of a custom script.

For example: You regularly download specific files from a server or a cloud device, as a backup, or to use them in a local application. You then perform further steps, like manually adding them somewhere, zipping them, or editing the data. How about a one-click solution?

We can automate the download itself for you, and even automate any following steps, such as appending the downloaded files to another file (e.g. concatenate multiple log files), move them to specific locations, or directly import them into a database. A custom scripts is often the simple solution that makes everyday chores so much easier.

Help with software - Get started faster, get more out of it

We help with selecting, installing and configuring software of most types. And with quite a few packages (even specialized ones (e.g. Tableau, ATLAS.ti, Obsidian) we can also provide expert tutorials to get you started. Because who has time for all that?

How you benefit

Streamlined email setup and management for hassle-free communication.

Customized email client setup tailored to your specific needs.

Expertly crafted Excel spreadsheets for optimized data management.

Excel automation to streamline your work processes.

Professional project management for your tech development projects.

Quality assurance and software testing to ensure top-notch product quality.

Custom scripting solutions to automate and simplify repetitive tasks.

Quick and effective software assistance to boost your productivity.

How we've helped our clients

  • Problem

    Our client needed full user documentation for their software product. So far, they had been relying on multiple multi-hundred-page text documents in different languages, and manually created out for multiple purposes (print, online/Web, and in-product as CHM).


    To streamline this burgeoning, extremely complicated process, we suggested, conceptualized, and ultimately created a single-source solution that outputs all required formats from a single document source--a normal Open Office/Word text file that requires no expertise or special treatment from the author(s). This make the authors' life much easier, shortens the production cycle of each new version by as much 50-80%, and takes the headache out of the much resented task.

  • Problem

    Our client recorded their own podcast episodes but the sound was lack-luster, and the material needed considerable editing to be clear, structurally optimized and overall more effective.


    Using special audio software and professional hardware, we optimized the signal quality and made it stand out from other products on the same platform.

  • Problem

    Our client wanted their old vinyl records as well as audio cassette recordings of their own music performances digitized.


    We happily obliged. We transferred and audio-optimized the material, and the client now enjoys their treasures as part of their mp3 collection.

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