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Why I Started bility.com

Why I Started bility.com

...and the Vision Behind Our New Concierge IT Service

Tom Ringmayr
Founder and Owner

From the early days of running ringmayr i.t. + data services, taking care of various tech and programming chores for small firms and educational institutions, I discovered a deep passion not just for technology itself but for the impact it could have on the day-to-day operations of small businesses. What began nearly 25 years ago as a one-man venture evolved into a profound understanding of the challenges faced by small business owners and solo founders when it came to technology. Handling tech tasks that range from the mundane to the complex, I saw firsthand how these tasks could easily (and unnecessarily) overwhelm the unprepared or under-resourced.

This realization sparked the idea of bility.com in 2023. The concept was simple yet groundbreaking: why not create a service that acts as "your personal IT guy?" We combined this service with a straightforward and appealing payment model—tiered monthly subscriptions without any long-term commitments. Designed to operate as a seamless extension of your team, this service handles all those pesky everyday tech chores that typically land in the lap of either the least experienced team member or the business owner themselves. This frees you, the business owner, and your team, to concentrate on what you do best—running your business. With our innovative pricing model, unique within this industry, you can access our services without worries about unforeseen expenses or financial strain.

bility.com was born out of a clearly identified need for a dedicated, personalized tech service that goes beyond traditional IT support—it's literally a hands-on "concierge" for your tech needs, plain and simple, i.e. a multi-talented, multi-skilled tech service tailored to the unique challenges of each client. This transition wasn't just a change in services but a fundamental shift in how we approach IT support, making the concierge idea the core of our new business model.

We started small, with the same spirit of personalized care that characterized my many years of working solo. But as bility.com slowly grew, so did our commitment to maintaining that high level of personal service. We may still be expanding, but our focus remains on crafting bespoke tech solutions that alleviate the stress of tech management for our clients.

Experience IT support that feels like part of your team.

Our expertise may be broad and seemingly eclectic, covering all manner of everyday tech tasks, from setting up email accounts to managing data backups, managing online systes and running customer support; but our approach is deeply focused. We dive into the specifics of each business, ensuring that every solution is not just effective but perfectly suited to the needs of each client.

In this fast-evolving tech landscape, bility.com remains agile—always ready to adapt and embrace new challenges while holding on to the familiar values of trust, personal attention, and uncompromised quality that have defined us from the start.

Your 'IT guy' just a call, text, or email away.

Though bility.com is young, our foundation in real-world, everyday tech support is solid. We operate like an extension of your own team—there when you need us, without the hassle of complex contracts or procedures. Specializing in managing the practical tech needs of small businesses, we focus on routine issues and significant, yet manageable tech hurdles. Each issue we tackle is an opportunity to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce tech stress for our clients. Our solutions are designed not just to fix problems but to prevent them, ensuring your business runs smoothly with us seamlessly integrating into your daily operations; ready to take action so you can work without the constant interruptions by tech issues.

Smart solutions for the real-world challenges of smaller businesses.

We're proud of what bility.com stands for—a blend of passion, innovation, and a commitment to service that feels like family. Here, every client is part of our community, and every project is a chance to prove that in the world of tech, personalized care is still king.

We invite you to experience the bility.com difference—where technology meets personal touch, and where your business's tech needs are handled by someone who truly cares.

Our Team

Sami M., Head of Strategic Communications

Sami M., Head of Strategic Communications

Sami brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic insight to bility.com, spearheading our marketing and public relations efforts. With years of experience in analog and digital marketing, Sami is adept at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with our diverse client base, enhancing our visibility and strengthening our brand engagement.

Theo M., Lead User Experience + Lead Designer

Theo M., Lead User Experience + Lead Designer

Theo’s role at bility.com is pivotal in ensuring that any digital products we create are not only visually appealing but also intuitively functional. Specializing in UX/UI, web design and front-end development, Theo combines technical expertise with a keen aesthetic sense to create seamless and engaging user experiences that simplify the complexities of IT solutions.

Chris R., Chief Technology Architect

Chris R., Chief Technology Architect

Chris R., our Chief Technology Architect, is crucial in building and maintaining the technological backbone of bility.com. With a vast knowledge in software development and artificial intelligence, Chris ensures that our platforms are both innovative and secure. His focus on practical, hands-on solutions allows us to tackle a wide range of technical challenges effectively.

Chris’s expertise spans various tech domains, enabling us to adapt quickly to new technologies and implement them efficiently. His deep understanding of security protocols and best practices ensures our systems are protected against potential threats. Chris's technical prowess and problem-solving skills make him an invaluable asset to our team, driving the continuous improvement of our IT infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients.

Sofia M., Client Success Manager

Sofia M., Client Success Manager

Sofia is dedicated to nurturing positive client relationships at bility.com. Her role involves direct interaction with clients to understand their needs and ensure their satisfaction with our IT solutions. Sofia’s commitment to exceptional service and her proactive approach help clients feel supported and valued throughout their journey with us.

Alex H., Data Analyst, BI Specialist

Alex H., Data Analyst, BI Specialist

Alex is a skilled data analyst and business intelligence specialist focused on helping small businesses utilize data for strategic decisions. Alex simplifies complex data into actionable insights, using tools like Excel and Google Analytics to enhance operations, customer engagement, and sales processes. His specialty are providing easy-to-understand reports and dashboards, empowering business owners to leverage data effectively without the technical overwhelm.

Helen S., Operations Manager

Helen S., Operations Manager

Helen oversees internal processes at bility.com, ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness. She focuses on streamlining workflows and systems to ensure efficient service delivery. Her role is crucial in maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

As a side note, Helen is not only affectionately referred to as the mother of our team, she is also the actual mother of one of our team members. We all love her dearly!

And Why The Name 'bility?'

Yes, why the name 'bility?'

Yes, why the name 'bility?'

At the heart of our brand lies a simple yet powerful commitment, embodied in a name that resonates with potential, efficiency, and reliability: bility.com. When choosing our name, we wanted a word that encapsulates the essence of our mission and the myriad benefits we deliver to our clients.

The term 'bility' isn't just part of our name; it's literally part of the promise we make to every client we serve. Here's why:

  • Capability: We possess the expertise and the know-how to handle the majority of typical tech-related challenges facing smaller business, startups and solopreneurs. The wide scope ensures we're not just a service, but a powerhouse of problem-solving ability.

  • Reliability: In the world of tech support, dependability is king. Our clients need to know that they can count on us, anytime and every time, to manage their IT needs effectively.

  • Flexibility: Each business is unique, with its own set of demands and challenges. Our service molds to fit the specific requirements of our clients, not the other way around.

  • Availability: We’re here whenever you need us, ready to tackle challenges as they arise. Our support isn’t just a service; it’s a constant reassurance that your tech needs are covered.

  • Sustainability: In delivering our services, we focus on solutions that ensure ongoing stability and efficiency for your business operations.

  • Responsibility: We take our role in your business seriously, understanding that the trust you place in us forms the basis of our relationship.

  • Viability: Our solutions are not only practical but are designed to enhance the operational viability of your business, ensuring that you stay consistently operational and competitive.

Each element of our service is designed with these qualities in mind, ensuring that 'bility' is more than a name—it's a comprehensive approach to tech support. Our goal is to empower your business, not just by solving problems as they arise but by enhancing the overall capability, reliability, and sustainability of your tech infrastructure. Join us at bility.com, where every service we offer is a step towards a more capable, reliable, and viable future for your business.

At bility.com, we understand the frustration and time drain that everyday tech challenges can cause. If you have ever wondered, "Who will rid me of these persistent, time-consuming tech hassles that arise constantly, and even wiith the best systems I already employ?," you have found your answer in our concierge IT service. Our focus is on alleviating these pains, offering you freedom from the daily disruptions of tech issues and allowing you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Partner with us, and experience a smoother, more efficient journey with every tech-related task managed by bility.com, where your business's capacity for success is our primary commitment.

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