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We assist you in creating content that resonates with people: From copywriting, editing, and translation to producing/enhancing video and audio content.

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Assist with creating and editing digital content, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts

We can take over all technical tasks associated with the creation of digital content, be that text or multimedia.

Servies we can provide in this area include copy editing, multimedia editing and polishing, as well as many related tasks. Whatever side-aspect of your content creation you are not confortable with, we can (probably) take care of for you.

Image Editing - optimizing images for web, print and social media

Images for web, social media, newsletter or offline publication need to be processed in different ways. Simply copying a multi-MB picture for your phone or downloading a stock photo and adding it to your newsletter, for example, will do you a disservice. Depending on the intended use, images may have to be reduced in file size, cropped, color-corrected, or processed in other ways for maximum impact.

We can optimize your images even at short notice. We want you to have the best image, the right format, when you need it and with the least amount of time spent on it.

Digital Content Polishing - making your audio and video recordings Web-ready

You record messages for your website or social media casually on your phone, tablet or computer. We can do the steps necessary to make it "post-worthy," i.e. trim it, edit, add credits, logos, or other marks, and enhance the audio and video quality.

Save time, mental energy, and rest easy by having us do the mechanical stuff for you.

Create AI videos

If you have ever had the need to create a set of videos using AI, you have noticed how many steps really are required and how much time it still takes. True, compared to shooting a "real" video the effort is much reduced, but it is nonetheless very significant and can take many hours for even a small number of short videos.

We can assist with all aspects, from script preparation to selecting supporting material, to setting up, managing, rendering and implementing the videos on your website or media channel. Ask us, and save time.

Technical Documentation

Authoring and implementation (from user manuals to Help systems)

Your product requires documentation of some kind? From a short Quick Tour to full user manual to even full-fledged online help (for various computer systems such a Mac Help to Windows CHM Help, and everything in between) we can be of assistance with authoring of your user help material.

We can bring whatever technology you desire to the task and deliver a ready-to-go product, freeing up your and your specialists' time for the real nitty-gritty chores.

CHM (Compiled HTML) conversion to PDF, HTML5 or other modern formats

Do you have mechanical manuals or program manuals in legacy CHM format that you would like to convert to a more modern, Web and mobile-friendly format?

CHM is an older format that was the de-facto standard for Windows and software on-board Help, but also for many types of technical documentation in various industries over several decades.

We convert even large files for you. We have years of experience with converting even multi-thousand-page documents into formats that can be used in contemporary, Web and mobile friendly contexts, such as HTML5, XML, or PDF. Our conversion services is tailored for key industries like Software Development, IT & Networking, Engineering, Aviation & Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, and Telecommunications. Elevate your technical documentation by ensuring accessibility and enhanced user experience. Ideal for manuals, guides, and technical specifications.

Editing/Optimizing technical documentation

Sometimes your technical documentation needs revision, updates, or simply a usability check. - If your documentation has been authored by a non-native speaker (or by AI), we can upgrade its quality for the benefit of your users.

We provide full editing services, i.e. we work in the original code or format, so as to reduce the turn-around time and make life as easy as possible for you and your team. After all, everybody has always more urgent things to do, right?


Website Translation + Implementation

If your existing website is to appear in more languages than one, retroactive implementation can be complex or problematic, but it can also be smooth and easy--it all depends on the technical infrastructure it is built on.

We can assess the situation, map out, and even implement a solution for you. Let us save you the trouble to delving into a myriad of issues so you are free to concentrate on other things.

Software Translation

Apologies! Content for this section is currently missing. We have either just added this new service, or we are updating its content. Please come back here soon to find more information about this service. Or contact us to find out how we can help you in this area.

Content Research

Find online content and process findings

Sometime you need data you don't have but that you know exists on the Web or on social media. Accessing that data can be a game-changer. "Web scraping" provides small businesses with a competitive advantage by extracting valuable data from websites. But do you really have the many hours to locate the data you need and then extract, save and organize it via copy & paste from different websites or social platform by hand? We can help!

Gathering data off the Web or social media can can be a valuable tool for

  • Market Intelligence (gain insights about your field, competitors, and consumer trends)
  • Lead Generation (identify and target potential customers by fetching data from multiple platforms and directories), and
  • Pricing Optimization: Keep a close eye on your competitors' pricing strategies and market trends

Let us handle the footwork and the technical complexities while you concentrate on the more important parts. Get in touch with us to explore how we can help your business thrive.

How you benefit

Enhance your brand with expertly crafted blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

Optimized images for all platforms, be it web, print, or social media.

Get web-ready audio and video with our digital content polishing services.

Engage your audience with cutting-edge AI videos.

Comprehensive technical documentation services from authoring to optimization.

Reach a global audience with website and software translation services.

Discover valuable insights with our content research services.

How we've helped our clients

  • Problem

    Our client started using an online time-tracking program for their employees and associated freelance partners (newly required by law in their country).


    We helped them set up and administer the program, including setting up user roles and permissions, defining categories, reporting. This is a continuous process, with activities and descriptions constantly evolving, employees changing, etc. client saves a great deal of time by nor having to worry about this tasks themselves.

  • Problem

    Our client offers trauma counseling and participates in a country-wide network of similar mental health providers.


    We designed and built a website that informs about the individual services being offered, lists other providers in the network, and aggregates news from their field.

Content and Tech Documentation Services

Streamline your operations with bility.com's content management services. Our technical documentation for businesses ensures clear and concise information flow.

We specialize in business documentation services to support your technical and operational needs. Enhance productivity with our content creation and management solutions.

CHM Conversion

We convert older CHM Help files and manuals of any size into formats that can be used in contemporary, Web and mobile friendly contexts, such as HTML5, XML, or PDF. - CHM files are still in use in industries like Software Development, IT & Networking, Engineering, Aviation & Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, and Telecommunications.

We help you elevate your technical documentation by ensuring accessibility, platform independence and enhanced user experience.

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