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Set up newsletter / bulk mailing system (e.g, mailchimp, cleverreach)

An important way of staying in touch with your customers is by way of a newsletter. There are many ways of preparing and sending out such bulk mailings, but your local email client or any other locally based systems are not among them--your internet service provider will more likely than not suspect illegitimate activities when sending more than a a few dozen mails and cut your email service (we have seen that happen more than once).

Luckily, there are many dedicated systems for the purpose out there, such as MailChimp, ConvertKit or cleverReach. But they all come with a set of prerequisites that are not trivial: First, your recipients' data must confirm to specific legal standards (e.g., provably obtained via double-opt-in or other legal ways with user consent); your mail templates must be tested to be compatible with vast variety of mail clients out there; you will need to prepare HTML and plain text versions of the same mailing; you will want to have a way to treat out-of-service addresses, must properly handle opt-outs from further mailings and undeliverable mails.

We have extensive experience with systems of this kind and would be happy to assist you with all aspects of the process.

Create/adapt templates to your needs

Customers respond better to a nicely styled, visually appealing newsletter. Unfortunately, what you see is decidedly not what you get if you simply use whatever looks good on your computer when it comes to styling your message template. Mail programs still have a way of rendering email in vastly different ways, and the only way to send out a newsletter that looks the same on most systems is by applying (1) certain techniques and (2) testing, testing and, yes: more testing.

We have the patience, the competence, and most importantly, the desire to help you out. So get in touch for assistance with your bulk mailing needs.

Set up and maintain mailing list / list server

Mailing lists are a standard marketing tool. We can assist with all aspects from data preparation, conversion, import to maintenance of your mailing list and even administrate the pertinent tools (including classic list servers). Outsourcing such tasks allows you to redirect your energy to less tedious matters.


Develop and execute online advertising campaigns, such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads

For most online advertising (such as Google Ads, Facebook ads and others) to work well, these ads have to be well executed. It is quite possible to pay for ads for months without a single conversion. To be successful with Google ads, it is important to continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to improve their performance. Experimentation with different strategies, testing wording variations, and analyzing the data to identify areas for improvement are vitally important.

Seeing how all of this is a highly time-intensive process, we will be happy to take those parts of it over that you find too distractive from your actual business tasks.

Manage, monitor and track email campaigns

Setting up a mail campaign requires multiple steps that can be time-consuming, even with the most user-friendly system--and not many are.

If you rather spend your time and energy doing things more closely related to tyour actual business, we will be glad to handle all aspects your mail campaign for you.

Administer/manage newsletter / bulk mailing system, email campaigns

We can administer your newsletter/builk mailing system of choice for you. This includes all aspects, such as handling addresses, scheduling mailings, setting up web forms for sign up and for customer interaction / responses (e.g. after cancellation) in accordance with pertinent privacy laws, and much more.

Don't waste your own time and energy on these things; use them for the more important aspects of your business.

Social Media

Create and manage online surveys

There are times when it pays to inquire directly how you can better serve your customers. A survey is certainly one good way to that. But if you are a small operation and have no experience with (1) designing a productive survey, (2) setting it up in one of the popular online survey tools, and then (3) to visualize and analyze the results (they are often in formats that are not fully suitable for easy consumption), we can take over any of these steps for you. Making your business life easier is, after all, our business.

Manage Youtube (or other video platform) channel

Managing a YouTube channel or other video platforms can be time-consuming and complex. From uploading videos, setting suitable options, optimizing SEO and description texts, responding to comments, to tracking analytics - it's practically a full-time job!

We can take care of your video channel so you don't have to deal with all these matters. Whether it's YouTube, Vimeo, or any other platform, our team is here to handle all the nitty-gritty details.

Create and maintain a company blog

A blog is an effective method to reach to customers and should definitely be considered as a marketing tool.

We can set up and maintain a blog system for you. If you need assistance with the content, let's talk and see if this is something we can help as well - it depends, of course, on the subject matter. But we can always spruce up the writing on pretty much any topic, hopefully making the process a little less painful for you.

Customer Support

Select, set up and manage helpdesk/ticketing system (e.g. Freshdesk, Helpscout, Cerb)

A helpdesk--also called a ticket system--of some kind becomes a necessity very quickly once your business grows to even a modest size. Handling more than a only very few requests per day requires some structure and can no longer be done by email or other, even more casual means.

This is where a helpdesk comes it: It lets you not only keep track of requests in a structured, systematic way, but also allows for multiple "agents" to jointly shoulder this task so as to distributing the burden. Customer support without a structured system is practically impossible today, so this is an area that better receive your full attention.

Helpdesk systems come in all sizes (and price categories), but they all share the common necessity for thorough setup and design, good management, and proper administration. Only when it is well designed and managed will a helpdesk provide its full benefit, i.e. making your customers happy by giving them easy access and fast responses on the one hand; helping you channel the tasks that arise form these support contacts on the other; and even giving you valuable leads, metrics and data that can create new opportunities for your business.

If a full-time support officer and helpdesk system manager is not yet in the cards for you just yet, we can easily and competently fill that function for you to free up your resources.

Helpdesk integration in web site and workflows

Once you decide that a helpdesk system is necessary for your business to communicate with your customers--and virtually no business that has more than a only handful of customers can really do without it--you will also want to think about how to integrate it with your existing infrastructure; most importantly with your website (or other public-facing portals). This requires a certain degree of technical expertise and usually a great deal of time.

We can easily and competently help you out with this and thus free up your resources for other, more immediately productive tasks.

Customer-facing documentation/communication (e.g., release notes)

Having an app other other IT-based infrastructure that aids your business is great, but it is also a commitment that does not end with the release of the system. There is also the continuous need to create proper documentation and to keep users appraised of any changes (e.g, release notes).

We can handle these tasks for you, either manually "just in time," or by setting up a structure that supports this process. Life is too short to waste it on release notes

Customer Feedback

Create and manage online surveys

There are times when it pays to inquire directly how you can better serve your customers. An online survey is certainly one good way to that. But if you are a small operation and have no experience with (1) designing a productive survey, (2) setting it up in one of the popular online survey tools, and then (3) to visualize and analyze the results (they are often in formats that are not fully suitable for easy consumption), we can take over any of these steps for you. Making your business life easier is, after all, our business.

How you benefit

Effortlessly launch your newsletter with expert setup and template customization.

Maximize your reach with optimized email campaigns and mailing list management.

Boost your brand with targeted online advertising on Google and social media.

Get actionable insights from your audience through professionally managed online surveys.

Engage your customers with a well-curated YouTube channel and company blog.

Offer quick and reliable customer support through a fully-integrated helpdesk system.

Enhance your customer service with a seamlessly integrated helpdesk on your website.

Collect valuable customer feedback through professionally designed online surveys.

Retain customers and build loyalty with well-executed email campaigns.

How we've helped our clients

  • Problem

    Our client sends a bi-monthly newsletter to approx. 300k+ readers. Their initial efforts of doing so with email clients and then with a open source solution via their own webserver failed catastrophically because of the volume as well as for various legal requirements.


    We set them up on a popular bulk mailing platform; collected, cleared and imported user addresses; converted their highly customized design to a usable, mail-client-independent template; and physically manage each mailing--including all steps such as converting raw content, optimizing/processing images, testing, mailing out the newsletter, and handling the afteractions (such as address changes, unsubscribe and GBPR-related requests etc.).

  • Problem

    A client needed up a state-of-the-art helpdesk system to efficiently process their fast-growing number of support customer support requests.


    We helped them select a commercial system that met their specific requirements (multiple support agents, separate mail addresses, dynamic text snippets, etc.), set it up and administered it for them, including setting user permissions, mail integration, creation and integration of a customer-facing knowledge base/FAQ; and training/instruction for their support staff.

Customer Interaction Solutions

Boost customer engagement with our services to set up helpdesk systems for small business and manage customer service platforms. Implement a chatbot on my website for seamless interaction.

Enhance outreach with newsletter setup and management and improve feedback collection through customer survey creation and analysis. Trust bility.com for effective customer interaction solutions.

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