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We are committed to continuously improving our services and your feedback is invaluable in this process. We invite you to participate in a brief online survey that will help us better understand your specific needs and how we can assist in making your IT support as effortless as possible.

The survey will only take about ten minutes of your time. To show our appreciation for your feedback, you will receive an exclusive offer to try our services at 40% discounted rate.

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About the Survey

bility.com is launching the first true concierge IT service, tailored to empower smaller business with day-to-day tech assistance and bespoke tech solutions.

All those pesky tech chores that you constantly have to deal with--from running a website, shop, helpdesks, newsletters, booking systems, data handling, content preparation, all the way to utilizing AI smartly for your purposes: Now there is someone who will take them off your hands.

As we shape and refine our innovative offerings, your insights are crucial. We kindly ask you to share your tech needs and challenges to help us serve you better.

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Completing this survey should not take more than 10-15 minutes, and we appreciate every minute you spend providing your insights! They will offer significant value to both your business and our service development.

PS: The survey and all your input is fully anonymous. We adhere to strict GDPR standards and will never collect any data you don't want us to have. Enter your name and email address ONLY if you want to be considered for one of our prizes.


Your Participation is Highly Appreciated. And it is mutually beneficial:

Help Shape Our Services: Your input directly influences our solutions, designed for real-world impact.

A FULL 40% DISCOUNT: As a token of our appreciation, we offer a 40% discount for up to 6 months on our services (subscription and prepaid plans) to the first ten respondents. Winners will be notified by email or via our social media channels.

Your input matters! Thank you for helping us shape the future of IT support. We are excited about the possibility of working together to make your IT experience smoother and more efficient!

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