Your Virtual IT Staff Under One Subscription

How Unified Tech ("Concierge") Service Works for You


Your Virtual IT Staff Under One Subscription

Imagine having an IT staff that's always on standby, ready to tackle any digital task you throw their way—without the overhead costs of hiring full-time personnel. Sounds ideal, right? With our Unified Tech Service, this ideal becomes your reality.

Whether you need a quick update to your website, a file converted to a different format for special use in a specific program, or a social media post polished, we operate as an extension of your team, almost instantly. And the best part? It's all available under one subscription.

Seamless Integration with Your Operations

We work in a manner that's akin to having your own dedicated IT staff, offering the expertise you need without the overhead. Need new products entered into your web shop? Want changes made to the structure of your database? We're on it. Simply call, write, text, or chat to let us know what you need done, and consider it handled. Our new unified tech service is designed to mesh seamlessly with your daily operations, offering you all the benefits of Small Business IT support without the high costs.

Taking Care of the "Small Stuff"

Unlike other services that tend to focus on caring only about the large-scale solutions, we know from first-hand experience the value and the importance of the "small stuff." These are the everyday data management tasks, the quick edits to your website, the last-minute technical documentation that needs to be sent out. These might seem minor but are often the tasks that consume the most time and energy. Our service ensures that these are taken care of efficiently and effectively.

Speed and Accessibility

Time is of the essence in any business. Our team operates at a pace that matches the speed of your needs. Need data converted to be compatible with a specific software, a new template for your newsletter, or someone to manage your email accounts? We get it done nearly as fast as you would expect from an in-house IT staff. Our unified tech service--what we call "concierge" IT--is all about providing timely solutions to your everyday digital requirements.

Enhancing Customer Outreach

A well-maintained digital presence is crucial for effective customer outreach. Whether it's crafting the perfect social media post, researching and editing images for publication, or setting up/administering your helpdesk, we ensure that your online interactions with customers are nothing short of excellent.

One Subscription, Multiple Solutions

What truly sets us apart is the simplicity and affordability of our service model. All the features and benefits we offer are bundled under a single, transparent subscription model. Think of this as a retainer service for your IT needs, where you have a dedicated team waiting to assist you whenever required.

You have the flexibility to book different blocks of time based on your needs, ensuring that you only pay for the time you actually need our services. This allows you to efficiently manage your budget without any long-term obligations. There are no hidden charges or additional fees for "extra" services. Everything is laid out clearly in our subscription terms, making it a transparent, straightforward solution designed with maximum flexibility, scalability and, most importantly, your convenience in mind.

Not just a service. An organic extension.

Our unified tech service is a true extension of you and your team. From tackling the "small stuff" to executing more complex tasks, we offer a range of digital solutions that are as versatile as they are reliable. So why juggle multiple vendors and complicated contracts when you can have a dedicated, nearly instantaneous IT staff at your service, all under one subscription? Make the switch today and experience the true meaning of efficient digital operations.


Small businesses often face overwhelming digital tasks without the luxury of an in-house IT team. Our Unified Tech Service offers a virtual IT staff solution, handling everything from website updates to social media management under one subscription. This service integrates seamlessly with your operations, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of daily digital tasks without the high costs.

With our service, small business owners can focus on core activities, enjoying speedy resolution of IT issues, enhancing customer outreach, and achieving a well-maintained digital presence. This all-in-one subscription model promises simplicity, affordability, and the flexibility to scale with your business needs, positioning itself as an essential extension of your team.

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